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Welcome to Desert Designers

The theme for 2015--2016 is Flowers a Kaleidoscope of Color


Desert Designers celebrates 32 years as a design club in October and looks forward to discovering a kaleidoscope of floral colors for our designs.


In addition we will continue to pursue our goals:

1. To add to our knowledge and skill in designing by providing designs at meetings.

2. To critique designs by applying the principles and elements of design and understanding the difference in design styles. 

3. To increase our knowledge of about local plants and bring examples to our meetings, giving information on growing needs and how to effectively display them at flower shows.

4. To become more familiar with differences in design styles.


5. To see nature through the eyes of a designer.


6. To take tours to appreciate and enjoy Arizona's beauty as an inspiration for designs.


7. To encourage members to attend Flower Show Schools and Symposiums as a means for increasing knowledge and inspiration.


8. To show our appreciation for using the Pyle Adult Recreation Center for our meetings by providing a thank you floral design for display at their main desk in the lobby.


"Flowers are food for our soul, we must keep them in ready supply"